More birds join the project in the eastern Great Plains

We’ve been busy! Over the past two weeks, we’ve been putting transmitters out on the eastern Great Plains, primarily in Kansas. We added 8 new transmitters and an additional 8 birds that are marked with color bands. Take a look at the new birds!

Apart from the generous contributions from the Kansas Ornithological Society and the Burroughs Audubon Society, these transmitters are those purchased from our fundraising efforts. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

New birds carrying transmitters



Plo Koon






Other birds sampled and tagged with color bands

Blue – 0Y

Blue – 3F

Blue – 3A

Blue – 2A

Blue – 2B

Blue – 2T

Blue 2H

Blue – 4D

Special thanks to everyone that offered their COVID conscious help during the effort, including John Bollin, Dave Rintoul, Rene Martin, Fernando Machado, and Paul Mackenzie.

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