Bryce’s 2021 breeding captures

From Bryce: This photo sums up my summer in a very simple way. 40 birds – the result of countless hours, over 20,000 miles of driving to trap in 7 states, and sample 5 of the 14 recognized Red-tailed Hawk subspecies. When I set out from New York in late April, I had no idea how successful I’d be as I tried to trap birds during the breeding season. Fortunately, as I head back east in two weeks I’ll reflect on my success, and that I learned a great deal about this species in some very special parts of North America.

Next time you read a paper, or more simply hear or read a fact about a bird, consider the amount of time and effort it takes for us to learn these seemingly simple facts. Scientific research and the pursuit of knowledge is costly, and every time I learn something new from reading a paper, or even a google search, I take a moment to appreciate that cost.

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