… a research collaboration that focuses on the study of Buteo jamaicensis, a common and widespread raptor of North and Central America.

The goals of this collaboration are to fill knowledge gaps in subspecies identification and distribution, movement ecology, and an almost untouched subject in this species, genomics. Learn more about our research objectives on our Research Page.

We also aim to create a resource for subspecies distribution and identification. To learn more about how to identify and where to find each subspecies, visit the developing Subspecies Guide.

At the moment, the Red-tailed Hawk Project includes researchers from two institutions – the University of Kansas and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, along with support from Ornithologi: A Studio for Bird Study. To learn more about the people behind this work, visit the Researchers page.

The Red-tailed Hawk Project is also active on social media, where we plan to share updates about our work and the publications that result from our research. Visit our Facebook page for discussion on subspecies identification, distribution, and to share photos of Red-tailed Hawks from your region.

Research is a costly endeavor that most often requires community involvement and support. If you would like to support our work or get involved, contact us!

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