Meet Ahsoka – a light-morph harlani carrying a transmitter in Kansas

Meet Ahsoka, an after fourth-cycle harlani that wears the color band blue – 3Z! Luke added this excellent light harlani to our growing group of birds carrying transmitters. We first found this individual last year on its wintering territory just outside of Lawrence, Kansas. We checked regularly during our trapping efforts last winter to seeContinue reading “Meet Ahsoka – a light-morph harlani carrying a transmitter in Kansas”


… a research collaboration that focuses on the study of Buteo jamaicensis, a common and widespread raptor of North and Central America. The goals of this collaboration are to fill knowledge gaps in subspecies identification and distribution, movement ecology, and an almost untouched subject in this species, genomics. Learn more about our research objectives onContinue reading “Introducing…”